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A department store's door-to-door man hears a girl call out, "Help!" Two men force themselves into her home, searching for the man she's with. More than one of her parents is mad at her, but only one knows the truth. A love triangle turns sour when one of the three lovers realizes that the love he thought he was in has a will of its own. This is a fantastic real-life romantic story of ordinary people doing ordinary things. Oh, and, there's a murderer loose! Everyone seems to have their own idea of what makes a good relationship. According to this week's survey, a large majority of women think that a romantic relationship has to be "intimate," "long lasting," and "exclusive." Half of the men surveyed said they prefer to date women who are "good cooks," "socially ambitious," and "attractive." The rest said that they want a relationship that's "fun," "light hearted," and "self-confident." Then again, there is no one "right" way to relate to a partner, right? A successful relationship is dependent on two people, after all. The survey was conducted by and was conducted in January 2012. Comments I agree, different people want different things in a relationship. Like how many people care that their partner is a good cook, how many people care if their partner is good at something. I like it when couples I know just do things together, anything from dancing to hiking to hiking to working on cars to, you name it, anything. For me personally, I just want someone who makes me laugh, enjoys my company, can help me and support me. I don't really care about anything else. I also, like OP, really only like men of one ethnicity, although my parents are from different ethnicities, I think both of them would have preferred if I'd met someone who was of a different ethnicity. Comment I love, love, love movies that I'd never really seen before because the ending changes. I'd watch them over and over again for that one part. The ending changes, but the movie stays the same. There was a movie where the ending changed every time you watched it and that was awesome! The movie was called "Toy Story 3" and it was about a boy named Andy who finds a big box of toys that had been thrown away and decides to keep them.



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