I have decided to close.

To My Amazing Clients, The time has come to reach out to clients, friends, and supporters and let you know that I have decided to permanently close the door at Muscle&Bone. There are many reasons for this decision, but ultimately it comes down to two major things. Firstly, I could not support the business shut down through the Covid-19 Pandemic, even with the PPP small business loan. Over the last 9 years, through many ups and downs, I had just started to see enough success to keep going, yet I was still struggling to gain significant traction before the shutdown. I attempted to keep the practice afloat for as long as possible. In the end, it wasn't enough. Secondly, and of equal importance, I do not feel like it's a good idea to practice massage with the growing knowledge gained about this disease every single day. There is a lot that goes on in the body when someone has Covid-19, and too much of it would be contraindicated for massage. I am following science, as well as my heart, holding to the vow I made as a bodyworker to DO NO HARM. To those clients who lovingly bought gift certificates for future treatment or have massages remaining on my former sales of “packages”, please know that I will be in contact with you to return your money. Any questions you might have will be best addressed by emailing me at If you are financially able, in this moment of profound social/societal transgression, please consider giving a portion of your refund to the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition. I have decided to sublet the office to two amazing chiropractors and I am excited to introduce them to you, soon. I understand they cannot replace the care I was able to give, but I believe in their work and feel equally confident in their abilities to give and witness humble body care. They will be separate from Muscle&Bone and will have procedures and directions to keep patients safe and informed. I want you to know I will be ok. I was able to find a temp job working at an on-line bank. I am grateful for the connection from a client, as it is full-time and includes benefits. As a transgender person, being able to keep my healthcare was beyond a relief and was a big part of my decision to close. I have many privileges as a white/Hawaiian passing man, but it does not include the fear of not having/being denied health-care. I am, also, so proud of the business I built and it is all because of the help I received.  From the beginning, when my co-founder, Shane and I taped up the windows for our build out, we received love and support from our family, friends and community. Shane’s mom sewed the curtains and my best friend made some of the stunning furniture. Clients found and followed me from Massage Envy. Coradine Aviation, a neighboring business, was one of my first new clients and shared their internet with us. Our parents helped with deposits. Friends came in for free massages and helped spread the word of our new venture. When Shane decided to move-on, help came from other amazing therapists subletting the office, so I could continue to grow. You supported me through a life-changing gender transition. I know you’ll support me through this new, life-changing one, too. I am truly grateful and humbled to tears for the trust and faith you have shown me over the years. Your vulnerability and desire to listen to your body is what has held the key to any success you may have experienced, and I have been honored to come alongside you in a helping  and safe space. With love and respect, Izzy Gouldberg

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