Can you schedule couples massages?


--  We currently can only do one massage at a time in our one room studio.  


How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment?

-- In your confirmation email use the "appointment details" link to change your session.  Please contact your therapist directly if you need to make changes less than 24 hrs from your appointment.  Contact info is on the Team page.

My Deal Voucher/Code doesn't work on your scheduling page.  How do I redeem?


--  Deal Vouchers/Codes are used after your appointment.  Please schedule from the DEAL REDEEM section of the scheduling page.  During the form intake you can put in your voucher/code and we will redeem it after your appointment.

My Deal is going to expire soon, but I don't see any available appointments until after the expiration date.  Can I still schedule?


--  Yes! Just get yourself on the schedule before it expires (we can track it) and you can still get the promotion.  If it's already after the expiration date then the promotional value expires, but not the amount you paid for it.  We round that up to $50 so you can schedule 30 minute session from the DEAL REDEEM section in the appointment menu.


I bought more than one Deal to use for myself.  Is that ok?  


--  No.  Deal appointments are for new clients only.  You may gift any extra deals to a lucky friend and earn some extra good karma :)


Do you offer any discounts?


-- We sure do.*  Use these codes in the gift certificate/package box if you qualify to save 20% 

TEACHER - any teacher can use this code for 20% off all massage appointments.  Please bring faculty id for verification.

STUDENT - If you are currently enrolled as a student use this code for 20% off all massage appointments. Please bring student ID card for verification.

RETIRED - If you are retired or over the age of 65 please use this code for 20% of all massage appointments.

MILITARY - If you are currently in active service use this code to save 20% off all massage appointments. Please bring military ID card for verification.

*New Client Session is exempt from discounts



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